As a writer, daughter, caregiver in service to my family, I hope you’ll join my journey and share your stories with me as I share my own and fellow caregivers.  

If you would like to contact us to have someone to talk to, ask a question, we are here.  

Fern Pessin worked within the fitness industry where she spent 15 years consulting, writing educational materials, leading workshops and training staff at clubs to accept people that dislike exercise or have physical limitations due to aging or disease or even just being pregnant! Her passion was instituting programming that made fitness fun and motivating.

Fern Pessin - I'll Be Right ThereAs a Board Member of Senior Services of Stamford, CT (now Silver Source), Fern used her skills to raise funds to help improve the quality of life for Fairfield County, CT seniors and support their family caregivers. She worked to raise millions of dollars for Alzheimer’s organizations and Stamford Hospital Foundation’s efforts to support people going through cancer battles (and their caregivers).

In 2016 Fern Pessin left New York/Connecticut to move south on a mission to support her own parent’s well-being as they aged. Surrounded by sunshine (and hurricanes) in Florida, Fern wanted to provide love while protecting and maximizing her parent’s resources.

Fern used her skills as a writer, event planner, fundraiser, public relations, and promotion expert to learn what needed to be done and to act as an advocate for her parents. She became certified as a Home Health Aide, attended conferences and classes, read and watched materials, interviewed experts, attended caregiver classes and weekly support groups and more to ensure understanding of what to look for and do for her parents both physically and emotionally. She collected a team of experts to guide her and her siblings through the financial, legal, and medical requirements of securing her parents well-being over the long term.

As a caregiver, educator, writer, trainer, program designer and international speaker, Fern, joined by a team of experienced family caregivers, created I’ll Be Right There, LLC which is committed to sponsoring ways for caregivers and their family members to find assistance, recognition, and joy.

Fern was appointed to the Palm Beach County Task Force by the Florida Governor to create a dementia friendly community and worked with Florida Atlantic University to help simplify the process of making health wishes clear to family and health providers.
Always collecting stories and knowledge throughout the years. Fern applied her skills garnered over 30+ years of professional writing, to authoring a book and creating supportive products and programs for fellow caregivers and aging seniors.
Becoming a content contributor and Ask the Expert column responder at Caregiving.com has opened the doors for Fern to learn much about the needs and questions of all kinds of caregivers around the world.

I'll Be Right There - Dad Healthy
I'll Be Right There - Dad Mid Stage
I'll Be Right There - Dad Late Stage

I’ll Be Right There: A Guidebook for Adults Caring for their Aging Parents was written to remove the overwhelm of the caregiving role and support families on the caregiving journey by providing a road map. Available on Amazon and other booksellers.

I’m Not Gonna Live Forever, You Know: A Guidebook for Seniors to Provide Information to their Children (Soon to be released) is for the seniors to communicate their own wishes to their children.

When Can We Talk? provides guidance for families on having safe, loving and productive conversations around difficult, uncomfortable but essential topics.

What Now? – the latest book in caregiver support series, will guide caregivers toward recovery after caregiving ends. When someone has dedicated a huge chunk of their time and resources toward caring for another/others, how does one get back to living for self? The goal is to begin planning for post-caregiving years, while still entrenched to reduce resentment that comes from feeling that one has given up everything and their efforts are unappreciated.

The new Caregiver Recovery Program will provide a roadmap and workbook to creating an optimal life after caregiving responsibilities cease. The accompanying Caregiver Recovery and Support Program [CRSP] created by I’ll Be Right There, LLC is meant to champion caregivers in a non-clinical setting while supporting caregiver’s need for education, physical fitness and wellness, and emotional social connection right in their local community.

A social support and education network with educational resources to make life less stressful for caregivers, will support 45,000,000+ caregivers in the USA to reduce stress, live healthier and thrive.