As a writer, daughter, caregiver in service to my family, I hope you’ll join my journey and share your stories with me as I share my own and fellow caregivers.  

If you would like to contact us to have someone to talk to, ask a question, we are here.  

In 2016, Fern Pessin became a full-time caregiver for her parents. Before relocating to Florida, Fern served on the board of Senior Services of Stamford, Connecticut (now Silver Source), raised millions of dollars for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer patients and their families, and spent fifteen years as a consultant for the fitness industry. She is a content contributor and expert column responder at Caregiving.com, is a guest on radio shows and podcasts, and submits blogs and articles for many organizations. From a daughter-called-to-service perspective Fern is committed to illuminating ways for caregivers and their family members to find assistance, recognition, inspiration, and joy. More Information can be found at www.illberightthere.com.


I'll Be Right There - Dad Healthy
I'll Be Right There - Dad Mid Stage
I'll Be Right There - Dad Late Stage

Caregiver Resource Books by Fern Pessin

I’ll Be Right There:
A Guidebook for Adults Caring for their Aging Parents (2019) was written to remove the overwhelm of the caregiving role and support families on the caregiving journey by providing a road map with worksheets, schedules, and strategies.

When Can We Talk? A Caregiver’s Guidebook for Holding Discussions Around Difficult Topics (2023)

The Caregiver Gap Year: 12 Months to Grow, Aspire, and Explore all Possibilities After Caregiving Ends (2023)

I’m Not Gonna Live Forever, You Know: A Personal Archive for Sharing Your Wishes with Your Loved Ones (2024)