The people at the gas company told Denise and I to get out of the house immediately! They would send someone right over. It’s summer. No problem. We went to the back deck and brought our laptops and stayed calm. They weren’t going to find anything. It was all going to be okay. But, just in case….

A few hours later and lots of conversations with the baseball cap wearing, jeans clad, tobacco chewin’ southerner, we found out that both our water tank and the furnace were leaking gas. GAS! Is that why my nails have a red rim? Is that why I was finding it hard to breathe walking between the bedroom and living room? Is that why I couldn’t focus on my work and had to go sit in the library to concentrate? Is my throat scratchy because of gas? Was I coughing because of gas? Well-uhm…. yes!

I had been trying to purchase an elliptical trainer from the Facebook Marketplace in my neighborhood. Suddenly I knew why people would respond but not follow through. I wasn’t meant to be sucking up air in my bedroom by exercising! I was being protected by a force beyond the human realm. I couldn’t be more grateful.

I am supposed to be heading up north on a trip that involves a memorial service, a visit with a client, some visits with some collaborators and a stop to see mom after she just got all clear on her biopsy – no cancer return!! However, things kept falling apart. Before I knew it, the people I was supposed to see ALL had other things they needed to do. My chronic fatigue is such that attending an outdoor event in the summer heat with 90 (the guest list now confirms) other people would have knocked me out for several days. And mom said she is fine to see me on FaceTime and prefers for me to come in September – when the weather is cooler and the trip won’t stress me out so much. Again, I can only believe that this is intentional. What is going to happen in the next 10 days that is imperative that I not be on the road?

I believe that asking the universe to make paths for you to achieve your own (and global) highest good, and dissipating any frustrations to allow the energy forces to do so, is how we live our best life. This is one of my spiritual revelations during my #CaregiverGapYear (c).

That flat tire that helped you avoid a 10 car pile-up. That flight you didn’t catch that turned out to be diverted to a different airport. The people who were late to work on 9/11 and survived. The business partnership that didn’t go through only to find out the person was a crook or a better, more lucrative deal came just a bit later that you were able to take because the first one fell apart. We are all being guided. We aren’t always aware of this.

Today, gas leaks stopped, I know I will get healthy again. I am grateful for the weird smells and Denise’s migraines and my fatigue that had us calling for help. We ignored the strange thumping in the house but it was a message. Louise (Denise’s mom who passed away) – was that you? We ignored the battery beep of the Carbon Monoxide detector and thought the machine was broken – but some energy force was trying to tell us something.

I find comfort in my knowledge that my dad is looking out for me from heaven and sending me signals to make me more aware. Sometimes I forget. I need to look at each frustration and ask, “Why? What is coming that needs me to not do this/be there/buy that?” Good things come with that level of patience and awareness.

I hope you will look around you and pay attention to signs. Your loved ones are there to help you, if you let them. The universe wants good things for us, if we listen and pay attention.

I’d love to hear your stories of frustrations that turned out to be intentional for #yourhighestgood! Send them to me at, or comment here or in the I’ll Be Right There Facebook group. Let’s share #inspirationalstories so we’re all lifted up!