On this Friday of Labor Day Weekend 2023, I received two messages. One was this video by Lisa Miller about how we are never alone. That we are all interconnected. Fascinating both scientifically and spiritually. I found this uplifting and encouraging and wanted to share it because so many of us who are finished caregiving and have their kids out of the house and have no spouse or significant others can feel alone.

The second message to me came via a posting by my friend Robert Pardi. Robert posted a challenge for us to say to the universe, every day for a week, “Today is going to bring me everything I need.” I incorporated that into my morning meditation today and will continue to include it for the next 7 days. I include personal affirmations, “I am Enough!” and “I am Worthy” in my meditations as well. I am not alone in having these personal doubts about worthiness.

At the end of 7 day period, I will be in Florida, getting tested again to see if my eye cancer has metastasized to the rest of my body. I have been fortunate that for almost two years, I have been clear. I am praying that continues to be the case. I feel like I have a mission to accomplish and I am not done yet. As part of that mission, I have submitted two more caregiver books to my publisher for final editing and layout. They will be released in September which I realized as I type this, is actually THIS month. How exciting!!!

These two messages coming together on the same day have reassured me that I will have all I need to thrive in this universe, in this body. My sincere hope is that when you read this, you will find these messages helpful to you as well.