Written materials for your caregiver reference and inspiration library, and services to support you in your journey.

I'll Be Right There - Adults Caring For Their Aging Parents

A Guidebook for Adults Caring for Parents

Avoid stress and reduce overwhelm! A daughter’s advice to fellow caregivers. IBRT includes strategies for: Communication with family on difficult topics, Financial and Legal readiness, Staying at Home and/or moving to supportive community, Assessment for stages of wellness and how to prepare for each stage. Planning, scheduling and preparing for every stage of aging to keep things organized, efficient, and affordable. 

When Can We Talk? - Book by Fern Pessin
When Can We Talk?:  $9.99 E-book / $19.99 Print

A Guide for Communicating about Awkward Topics around Aging

 No more driving
– Moving to a new, supportive, residence 
– Bringing aides/providers into the home
– Sharing financial information 
– Sharing health information 
– Creating legal and financial documents
– Where are all your policies, documents, and plans located? And more…

I'm Not Gonna Live Forever, You Know - Fern Pessin
I’m Not Gonna Live Forever, You Know:  $5.00 (sent by pdf upon order)

A Guidebook for Us to Inform loved ones about our wishes

– Talk to your kids about money
– Share information about health 
– Share your pre-paid/arranged plans
– How do you want to live as you age? 
– What kind of people do you like to have around to support you? 
– Where do you want to live as you age? 
– Share your wishes for care during illness or end of life
– Where is the information to take care of your home, bills and pets? And more…


Apps We Love
Apps We Love

New Apps for your smartphone and computer to help keep life moving along smoothly and improve caregiving efficiency.

Tools & Gadgets
Tools & Gadgets

We will be featuring tools and gadgets that make life easier, keep a home safe, and provide security.

Resources That Help

Listing of various groups, organizations and businesses that offer great resources to help with caregiving issues.


Books we found that motivate, de-stress, provide information, great stories, and more. We just LOVE books. 

In The News
In The News

Stories we’ve seen in the media that made us think, act, react, and keep us in the know. 

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